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Have you ever noticed someone who comes from wealth—and I mean lifelong, legacy-type of wealth—very rarely feels the need to flaunt that wealth in front of others? While someone who has recently come into money—the “nouveau riche” as they call it—often flaunt their money in a grand manner, either by making wild outlandish purchases or, worse, just bragging about their worth.


Now, I can’t fault them in their exuberance for their new-found success, but I can say that once you come from a place of genuine achievement, once you become awakened, you feel less of the need to criticize or put others down in celebrating yourself.


I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a ton of mastermind groups, and inevitably there are some who feel the need to talk about how much bigger, greater, and faster everything is in their business. The people that I know in those groups that are incredibly successful. Many have $50, $70, and $100 million dollar companies and up. These folks are the often the most giving, the most loving, and the most compassionate of anyone I have met.


Why is that? It’s because once you awaken, you learn that you have no interest in judging those who sleep. You just know who you are. You become very centered. You know what you need to do, and you know that the secret is giving away your wisdom to help others. We should all strive to live in this way.


Think about that.