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I am a student of how successful people become successful. A common denominator among successful people is how they approach problems. People who regularly win, do so because they see an opportunity more than they see the challenge. Conversely, those who struggle, often do so because they fixate on the trouble more than the potential of reaching the goal.

The rule applies – “Whatever you dwell on, you attract.” Our quote for today says, “Winners say, ‘It may be difficult, but it’s possible.’ They focus on the gain, and they see the possibilities. As a result, they make things happen. Often, losers say, ‘It may be possible, but it is too difficult.’ They see the pain of the problem, and then they ultimately let things happen to them.”

Take Action:

When looking at what’s going on in your life and what you want to achieve, I would challenge you to take a moment, think about how you are thinking about your goals, think about getting to where you want to be. How are you approaching your challenges? Do you believe that it can happen, and if so, do you believe it in a way that says, “It’s all possibility, it’s all capable, all I have to do is just do the work”? When you approach it that way, you are exponentially more likely to achieve anything you want to. Just ask the people at the top of your industry.

Think about that.