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One of the biggest shifts to date in my mind was realizing that mistakes are lessons learned MORE than they are failures. Once I made this mental shift, my life and business became far more freeing. Creativity opened up, and my problem-solving capability now operates at a much higher level. In fact, this learning has caused me to adopt a philosophy of failing quickly and failing forward.


Of course, I hope never to fail. But the realistic viewpoint is that I will, so when I do, I want to learn and adapt quickly.


One of the greatest stories is Thomas Edison and the light bulb. Stories have said that there were as many as 10,000 failures before he got right it. Realizing the impact of the light bulb on the world, think about the things that we beat ourselves up.


Whatever your last challenge is, whatever your previous mistake, what is it that you can learn from that process that ultimately gives you greater wisdom and a greater ability to see the future.


Just remember that every mistake, it can turn into progress if we want it to.


Think about that.